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Sragen Is Moving Towards A Smart Regency

by : Bupeko. Posted in : blog

Full history against colonialism at last century, Sragen at this present is going to be a special community with their economic independence.There were many local rebellions in Surakarta in 1 742 when Sunan Pakubuwono II reined the kingdom. Most of the I ocal rebellions were led by Sunan Pakub uwono It’s relatives who had been disagreed on Sunan Pakubuwono M’s close relationship with Dutch.

In 1 745, Sunan Pakubuwono II announced that he would give Sukowati land (Sragen now) to person who could conquer all the local rebellions. It was Mangkubumi, Sunan Pakubuwono ll’s younger brother, who had succeeded to extinguish all local rebellions. As promised, Sunan Pakubuwono II gave Prince Mangkubumi, the land of Sukowati which is known as Sragen now.

The reward of Sukowati land caused jealously among the Baron in Surakarta Kingdom, so they persuaded Sunan Pakubuwono II to take Sukowati land back. This policy led Prince Mangkubumi to get disappointed and make a rebellion against Sunan Pakubuwono II.
The history of Sragenesse was started here. Got up by the spirit of self-existence, Sragenesse must struggle for life to be independent and defend for their land. Most Sragenesse has been coloured by thisspiritwhich support them toget the existence of life. S§

Geographically, Sragen Regency is on strategic position. This regency establishing on May 27, 1 746 is located between 7°.15′ – 7°.30′ South Latitude and 110°.45′ -111 °.10′ East Longitude. This East End Regency of Central Java Province becomes main gateofNgawi Regency EastjavaProvince. While on other three directions, Sragen borders on some regions of Central Java Province, they are Karanganyar Regency of the South borderline, Boyolali Regency of the West borderline and Grobogan Regency of the North borderline.
Supporting by primary road network and Jakarta – Surabaya railway tract, Sragen becomes shore line region connected transportation flow and commodity circulation from East to West and on the contrary in Java. Sragen is also a knot intersection having direct access to other cities in Java Island.

Access to air transportation vehicle is reachablealso.Sragen Regency isonly45 kmfrom Adi Sumarmo, Solo International Airport. Driving car, the distance only takes 45 minutes. Then
transportation using ship can be accessed easily since the nearest harbour, Tanjung Emas Semarang port, only takes three hours drive from Sragen city. Sragen’s area is 94,1 55 Ha covering 40,037.93 Ha wet area of rice field and 54,11 7 Ha dry land. The land of Sragen regency is flowed by Bengawan Solo River dividing two main regions, i.e. North of Bangawan Solo consisting 11 subdistricts of 116 villages and 4 local administrations where the soil is not fertile enough; meanwhile South of Bengawan Solo is relatively more fertile. In this South area the agriculture, rice field and farm can develop rapidly spreading in 9 subdistricts of 80 villages and 8 local administrations.

Sragen has tropical climate with average temperature around 20 – 31 ° C. As other tropics, Sragen also experiences two seasons, i.e. wet and dry seasons. Havingvariouslowlandand highland topography condition between 75 m – 300 m. Annual rainfall is around 2,800 mm per year with average rain 1 50 days. These nature and climate condition make big support for developing powerfulagriculturesectorinSragen Regency. ?
A Pleasant Business

Making investment, trading or travelling will be a nice activity if it is done in Sragen Regency. Reformed government r ^-eaucracy and friendly society who is ready to :e global marketisoneof Sragen outstanding. A ’.able region to sound fortune out, so the : -r nessmenhavetoenterit.


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