Sample Conversation: Would You Like to Leave a Message?

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Sample Conversation:

Would You Like to Leave a Message?

Secretary Activity Sheet

A= Secretary      B=Business Client


A: Good Afternoon. Stellar Corporation.


B: Hello. Can you put me through to Mary Jenkins



A: I’m sorry. She’s at a meeting with a client.


B: Do you know when she’ll be back?


A: She should be back by 2:00.

Would you like to leave a message for her?


B: Yes. Could you tell her the new ads are finished?


A: Certainly. Can I have your name please?


B: My name is Jack Felspar. That’s F-E-L-S-P-A-R.

I’m with Spectrum Printers. And could you have

her call me when she has a spare moment. I need

to discuss the billing details.


A: Does she have your number?


B: I think so, but I better give it to you just to be sure.

It’s 314-274-5464.


A: Alright, Mr. Felspar. I’ll have her call you when

she gets a minute/she’s back in the office.


B: Thanks. I appreciate it. Have a nice day.


A: You too.


  You are a secretary for the Stellar Corporation. Your boss Mary Jenkins is out so when business clients call, take their message.

Client Name





Wants to Discuss

Jack Felspar Spectrum Printers



New ads are finished

Billing details

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