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Regional Supporting PDE (Electronic Data Center)

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Information technology has been part of dynamic and modern society. Information technology increases productivity and fastens information change. There are many technology developments so that information can be got quickly and accurately. Therefore, information technology could support management function in planning, coordinating, and controlling optimally. Information technology in Sragen Regency has been developing since early 2002 that was start of computer network connection with office information system based on web, popular as Kantaya, on Regional Secretariat official complex centered in PDE.
By vision “materialize integratinginformation system based on program examining result and accurate research” PDE (Electronic Data Center) keeps developing innovation of information

technology by implementing connection among departments outside Regional Secretariat official complex and 8 subdistricts in 2003. The result was all departments and 20 subdistricts have been connecting with computer network since 2005 and the target is all villages in Sragen will use onlinesystem in 2007.

Kantaya application in Sragen Local Government environment is an effort to develop government implementation based on electronic equipment in order to increase service quality of data change effectively and efficiently. Applying online system, there are many advantages gained Sragen Local Government since this system is 24 hour online without using telephone as data transmitting equipment so it is efficient of phone pulse. This system can be used as internet access with faster file download or upload and it can also be used as tele-conference media amongdepartments.

PDE is supported by skilful and trained human resources in any information sectors. They are from selective recruitment and their skills are increased continuously with following latest information technology development, IT training such as programming, computer networking, hardware, software and operating system. By this skill and ability, PDE opens many IT service such as computer networking, programming, graphic design, GIS analyst and survey, Internet Service Provider(ISP)andhardwareservice.

Regional Supporting
One of strategies to attract investment flow enter to a region is creating friendly condition for business world. Sragen Local Governmentisawarethatthingwell and has done innovation in many sectors. Principally, the strategic innovation of government policy is open widely to prospective investorswho wantto build business activity in entire Sragen’s regions. The government also guarantees safe and stable climate for business world. Therefore, the government is always active and keeps supporting for creating politic stability and security in Sragen region and supplies proper facilities, infrastructures and skillful human resources. More than this, the government also has commitment that policies issued would not burden business world.
Policy strategy innovation must be supported by innovation of government bureaucracy. One of them is establishing marketing team in Sragen Local Government. Thisteam forming is based on actual situation and condition that is the fast development of global trading followed by the large increasing production of Sragen prime products. Anyway, the market of these prime products must be managed professionally in order to fasten society income, economy growth and increase regional revenues.
In other words, trading business and investment trend nowadays demand effective
and efficient management for handling region’s prime products and potencies. Based on this, The Sragen Regent, Mr. Untung Wiyono issued Regent Regulation No. 08 in 2005 concerning the forming of Marketing Pilot Project for region prime product “SUKOWATI” in Sragen Regency. The marketingeffortofthe region prime products is done integratedly by Marketing Team having jobdescriptionasfollows: -
Acquainting, studying and examining Sragen’s potencies of prime products.
Doing planning program, product knowledge, packaging and marketing the products. Defining quality and quantity standard for Sragen’sprime products.
Managing general trading.
Marketing Sragen’s prime products. Implementing and marketing Information Technology.
• Attracting prospective investors to make investment in Sragen and helping them in implementation process.
• Workingcooperation with other parties based on mutual relationship for general trading and prime products.
Managing other business in the line of low regulation.
Coordinating with related department in the framework of prime product management and development.


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