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PD. PAL has built cooperation with some traders in big cities outside Sragen and has stable market in Semarang, Solo, Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar with mark PELOPOR. Each month PD. PAL must fulfil 50 ton organic rice orders for those cities while the demand of packed rice exceeds 8 ton per week. For non organic rice, PD. PAL can deliver order 2×20′ FCL or about 46 ton perweek to some traders in Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya.

PD. PAL offers investment opportunity in provisioning Rice Mill Unit, Cabie and Packaging Machines with profit share system of organic rice selling price. Automatically, the investor will gain great advantage of selling rice. Investing in this project, the investor will have safety guarantee as PD. PAL always control carefully the rice quality, and the trained workers sort rice before marketing it. There is stable marketing network in Indonesia supported by available transportation vehicle and good cooperation network with experienced farmer group of organic rice. Not only handling rice project, PD. PAL in the future will expand to various agriculture products such as peanut and corn since PD. PAL already has stocked corn product and has marketed it in Semarang.

Padi Mulya is a private rice company having special land area for organic rice, i.e. 250 Ha but only 150 Ha already used. Padi Mulya also has made cooperation with 13 farmers group consisting 500 farmers experienced in handling organic rice. By Padi Mulya, these farmers are trusted to manage the supplied rice field. As the consequence, they must sell their crops to Padi Mulya only. Applyingthis system, Padi Mulya can be optimal for the production capacity since it exceeds 6 ton unhulled paddies per hectare for each harvest time. After further process, it can produce 2,400 kgs organic rice per hectare. Padi Mulya buys unhulled paddies Rp 2,800.00/kg from the farmers while the production cost to process unhulled paddies to rice is about Rp 1,500.00/kg excluded transportation and packaging cost. The customer must pay Rp 8,500.00/kg for fragrant Menthik and Rp
8,000.00/kg for C4 organic rice. In one day, Padi Mulya receives more than 3 tons organic rice order.

For maintaining its organic rice quality, Padi Mulyadoestied monitoringwhen processingfield area, seeding, fertilizing until harvesting. All the process involves Padi Mulya’so rganic experts. According to Mr. Suyamto, Padi Mulya’s director, the organic rice producers often face PD. PAL has built cooperation with some traders in big cities outside Sragen and has stable market in Semarang, Solo, Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar

A i- ‘.hat organic rice is not popular yet in andthereiswrongopinion ifthisrice imr a thy people consumption only. Suyamto Hr – ‘ – it the little higher price of organic rice is MB • – gh advantages to keep healthy since it ‘ use chemical pesticide and fertilizer MIh’ i e dangerous for healthy. It means the r – ce price is equal with its great advantage Bjpjipre’r. itsconsumer’s healthy. ? ress opportunity in organic rice is still widely. Moreover, the organic rice ?smen in Indonesia is very limited. “No ? than 20 businessmen” said Suyamto. That is mk* he is optimistic that organic rice business in to: _esia, especially Sragen, has good prospect reach benefits, while organic rice consumption l-r’- j

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