Ebook – Sukses Menjadi Kaya Mulia dan Sejahtera Dengan Sukses Mendengar

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Mendengar adalah kecerdasan yang luar biasa dengan mendengar anda dapat meraih hati seseorang. Beginilah informasinya.

Information on how your candidates have performed on jobs in the
past IS getting harder to get, but the following tips will make it possible
for you to ferret out the truth. For more, check out Robert Half’s book,
“Finding, Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees” (Wiley, 1993).
Does your application encourage people to tell the truth?
People like to embellish the past. Reduce that temptation by writing on
your application, “anyone who provides false information is subject to
dismissal” and by telling candidates that their information will be verified.
Do you make the best use of references?
Ask for at least ten references, instead of the usual three. This will
force most candidates to list those with a more “balanced” view of
them. Then start calling from the BOTTOM of the list.
Do you emphasize your interest in honesty?
Tell both candidates and references that you believe no one is perfect
and that you discount purely positive recommendations.
Are you calling the best references?
Studies show that references from people in HR departments sound
like clips from the TV-show Dragnet, “just the facts ma’am.” To get the
best information, contact people who have actually worked with the
candidate, the higher up the better.
Are you getting the most from your references?
Studies show that written references are considered reliable by only
37% of those surveyed, compared to 51% when the reference is given
over the phone and 70% when given during a personal visit. You can’t
visit references for every candidate, but when filling a really important
position, try doing a few in person.
Do you double-check negative references?
Perhaps the candidate and the referring person had a personality conflict.
Perhaps the manager was upset about losing the candidate. Don’t take
any one reference at face value. Double-check any that stand out, and
evaluate them all as a package.

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