Customer Service Centre (CSC)

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Customer Service Centre (CSC) is one of the most excellent and integrated services provided by DGNED as a one-stop services which is consist of several service such as business consultation, buyer reception service and other related trade information. Those services are given to the Indonesian exporters and buyers from all overthe world. The Indonesian exporters could have any information through the business consultation service in facilitating their efforts to penetrate the international market as well as business matchmaking between Indonesian exporters and foreign buyers.

CSC was also developed to help foreign buyers on their visits to the Ministry of Trade, expectedly they can get easily connected with the Indonesian reliable companies to be their business partners through the business meeting program arrangement. CSC is equipped with the Web Base Information Services named CSC Membership Service; through this service both buyer and Indonesian exporter enable to make interaction among them, receiving a publication to improve the businessmen’s knowledge on export trade activities.

Located next to CSC, Permanent Trade Display (PTD) was established the products showcase aimed to represent of Indonesia’s excellent products. This area will help many foreign buyers to get a clear picture on the collection of Indonesia’s top quality brands.
CSC and PTD are located on the 2nd floor of Ministry of Trade Main Building, Jalan M.l. Ridwan Rais no. 5, Central Jakarta, 10110, which opened from Monday to Friday with opening hours at 9 am to 5 pm.

Trade Inquiries is DGNED’s service addressed either to neither overseas buyers who interested to buy Indonesian products nor the Indonesian exporters who interested to sell their products to international market. Trade Inquiries were received through membership service, direct email, fax, official letter and also by visit to CSC directly.

In order of achieving the improvement and export development which is a priority of DGNED, it is required involvement from other parties, both domestic and international in the form of cooperation with government, parastatal and private agencies. Cooperation can be realized through a variety of things, both technical and non-technical, such as the cooperation in the field of export promotion, export product development collaboration, capacity building of human resources related to export etc.

Indonesia’s branding abroad is currently achieved through the development of communication strategies of nation branding in a holistic manner and strengthening Indonesia’s position in a potential international trade show. A strong nation branding will not only be able to encourage the export of value added products and investment, but also to increase Indonesia’s public diplomacy and nation pride. While trade promotion activities organized by the DGNED are intended to increase the number and the frequency of business interactions between Indonesian exporters and foreign buyers, as well as to increase the role of business in market penetration and export promotion.
Participating in international trade fairs including in-store promotion is the cost-effective starting point for exporters who target a new market. DGNED’s participation in a trade fair is based on the potential of Indonesian exporters, suitable markets for their products, and recommendations from overseas representatives/consultants/ experts, Indonesian business people and business associations. DGNED assists the participation of Indonesian exporters at the selected trade fairs by arranging space reservation, pavilion design and construction, publicity, travel and accommodation, and business meeting with potential buyers during the course of the event. Trade missions to foreign markets are valuable opportunities for Indonesian business to gain first-hand information on particular market characteristics and market entry opportunities. The trade missions are usually led by the Minister/Vice Minister, senior government officials, and representatives of business players from all sectors.

The objectives of DGNED’s participation in domestic exhibition activities are for the promotion and development of Indonesia’s quality products. This participation is normally intended for those who are qualified to be promoted at international exhibition but have yet to gain enough experience overseas. In addition, participating in these activities are also expected to increase our appreciation and to nurture pride toward using Indonesian products

To assist Indonesian exporters promoting their products with no charge, DGNED provide a Virtual Exhibition. This website provides a one-stop source of product information with product image, colour, dimension, raw material, price quotation, production capacity, and contact details of the company. Many benefits could be derived from this website both for Indonesian exporters and foreign buyers. One of the advantages of this website is an easier way to find quality products in Indonesia or potential buyers in overseas. Entered and enjoy the facilities.

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