MakeBootable!® User Manual
MakeBootable! is an easy-to-use application software that can make a great addition to your
Pen Drive. It allows you to make your Pen Drive a boot-up disk without erasing any data in
the device. It consists of a single executable file and requires no installation. Just a few
clicks on the mouse and get ready to explore this extra feature with your Pen Drive!
System Requirement
Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Pen Drive using Phison’s solutions
Motherboard / BIOS with USB boot support
Before You Start
1. File System Format
This program does not support FAT32 and NTFS file systems.
If your USB device is under FAT32 or NTFS file system format, simply:
i. Backup your files in the device
ii. Perform FAT format
iii. Move the files back to the device.
The program will show an error message if the program does not support the file system
format in your device.
2. BIOS Constrain
As for Pen Drives that features TWO disk drives simultaneously (I.e. security mode), the
BIOS will recognize ONLY the disk drive in first priority. (I.e. if you made your floppy drive
bootable, but the USB drive in your device is first priority, you won’t be able to boot up with
floppy drive of your device.
Make it Bootable!
Step 1
Double-click on the executable setup file to run the program.
Step 2
Select the device you wish to make bootable. This program only supports Pen Drive 2.0
device. Click on the “Make Bootable” button to begin the process. The program will load
several files required for boot up into your device.
Step 3
A message window confirms the make-bootable process. Click on the “OK” button to
Step 4
If the program does not support the file system format in your device, an error message will
pop up. Click on the “OK” button to continue.
If the disk drive you selected already contained boot-up system files, an error message will
appear. You must delete those files (COMMAND.COM, DRVSPACE.BIN, IO.SYS, and
MSDOS.SYS) before you can make the disk drive bootable. Click on the “OK” button to
If the USB device you select is not using Phison’s chip solution, this program will not be able
to make it a boot up disk. An error message window will pop up. Click on the “OK” button
to continue.
Step 5
You need to change the boot-up setting in the system BIOS. With your device inserted,
restart the machine. Enter the BIOS setup menu and change the boot device setting.
If the boot-up files are created in the USB drive, select USB-HDD or USB-ZIP (preferred).
If the boot-up files are created in the floppy drive of your device, select USB-FDD (for Pen
Drive that supports security mode).
Step 6
Save and exit the BIOS setup. You should be able to boot up with you USB device.


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