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Berkomunikasi dasar dalam bahasa inggris tingkat operasional dasar

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1.1. Latar Belakang


Kemampuan berbahasa Inggris sekarang ini sudah tidak menjadi suatu keterampilan pilihan namun sudah menjadi suatu kewajiban yang harus dikuasai seseorang untuk dapat bersaing di era global di mana bahasa Inggris menjadi bahasa komunikasi dan bahasa pengantar.

Buku kerja ini dibuat sebagai pengejawantahan dari buku informasi, yaitu untuk melatih ketrampilan, kadar pengetahuan peserta pelatihan dari apa yang telah mereka ketahui dari buku informasi. Diharapkan dari buku ini peserta pelatihan memahami apa yang telah mereka pelajari dari buku informasi di samping tentunya mereka mengetahui batas kemampuan mereka. Hal ini menajdi tolok ukur bagi peserta pelatihan untuk berlatih dan belajar lebih giat lagi untuk hasil yang lebih baik

Buku kerja ini disusun sedemikian rupa dengan harapan dapat memenuhi standar kompetensi yang diperlukan dalam dunia kerja. Namun tentunya, di sana sini masih ada hal hal yang harus disempurnakan. Demikian atas masukan dan saran yang membangun penulis sangat berterimakasih.


1.2. Tujuan

Tujuan mempelajari modul pada unit kompetensi ini tercapai, yaitu peserta  pelatihan memiliki kemampuan kerja yang mencakup pengetahuan, keterampilan dan sikap kerja yang relevan dengan pelaksanaan tugas Berkomunikasi Lisan dalam Bahasa Inggris pada tingkat Operasional Dasar  sesuai dengan standar kompetensi kerja.


1.3. Ruang Lingkup


Ruang lingkup Berkomunikasi Lisan dalam Bahasa Inggris tingkat Operasional Dasar terdiri dari memberikan salam, meminta maaf, memberi bantuan, memberi informasi dan bertelepon.


1.4. Pengertian


Fill in the blanks: Mengisi/melngkapi kolom-kolom yang kosong dengan kata-kata yang tepat

Pair up and practice: merupakan kerja berpasangan dalam mempraktekan percakapan

Match: mencocokkan soal di kolom A dengan jawaban di kolom B

Take turn: Bergantian dalam melakukan tanya jawab







































































































































































































































































3.1. Pengetahuan


3.1.1. Giving information


Fill in the blanks of the dialog below with the appropriate words!

Bariah Navratilova is a Madurese student who has just arrived to study in BBPLKDN

Mr. B: … morning. Er … Miss Bariah, aren’t you?

Bariah: …, that’s right.

Mr. B: When did you … here, Miss Bariah?
Bariah: I’ve … here nearly three weeks now.

Mr. B: And … you like it here?

Bariah: Yes, I like Bandung. But I still have a few … with the language.

Mr. B: Yes, of course. But you’ll soon get over that. Now tell me what … are you going to enroll?

Bariah: Well, I want to do a course in Secretary.

Mr. B: Well. You are going to … rather busy. Especially if you do an English course as well


3.1.2. May I?


Pair up and practice! Then take turns using these dialogs

1. You want your friend to lend you his/her textbook for the weekend. You have lost yours.

A: Could you do me a favor?

B: …

A: … lend me your textbook for the weekend? I’ve lost mine.

B: …

A: Thanks a lot

B: …

2. You want your co-worker to collect his/her weekly report.

A: … a favor?

B: All right …?

A: Would you be able to …?


A: Thanks, …

B: …


3. You want your friend to read through your composition and correct it.

A: Can I ask you …?

B: Sure. What …?

A: Could you …?

B: …

A: …

B: It’s no …

4. Ask your partner to do the things below. Use this model:

A: Would you mind … ing …?

B: Not at all

Of course not

All right

A: Thanks very much

a lot

B: You are welcome

1. Return these books to the libarary 6. Hand me the dictionary
2. Help me clean the cupboard 7. Let me use your PC for a while
3. Turn on the AC. It’s very hot here 8. Repair the server. It’s broken
4. Re-install my PC 9. not smoking. The AC is on
5. Burn my CD 10. drink and eat in the lab.


5. Pair up and practice. Jane has bought a cassette player, but she doesn’t know how to use it. Match the phrases in the right column to fill in the blanks in the left column!

Jane: What do I do first a. Then you have to press the start
You: …     and record button at the same
Jane: And then what do I do?     time
You: … b. first, you put in the batteries
Jane: How do I start it? c. You press the stop button
You: … d. Then you put in your cassette
Jane: And to stop it? e. You press the fast-forward button
You: … f. To start it you press the start
Jane: What about for recording?    button
You: … g. You press the rewind button
Jane: I see. And how do I make the
        tape go forward quickly?
You: …
Jane: And to make it back?
You: …


3.1.3. Good morning


Pair up and practice. Take turns using this dialog

1. You meet a friend of yours in the street.

A: Hi, …

B: …

A: And how was your weekend?

B: …

2. You meet a school friend, Tupac Shakur. His father is with him.

You: Hello, Tupac.

Tupac: Hello. How’s everything?

You: …

Tupac: You haven’t met my father, have you?

You: …

Mr. Shakur: It’s nice to meet you


3.1.4. I am sorry


Pair up and practice. Take turns using this dialog

1. The clerk doesn’t have what you want

You: How much is that …?

Clerk: eleven dollars

You: That’s pretty expensive. Do you have a cheaper one?

Clerk: … we don’t. Not in that color.

You: Well, do you have the same one in blue?

Clerk: No …

You: Oh well. I’ll get the red one, please.

2. The waiter doens’t have waht the customer wants.

You: Could I have fried noodles, please?

Waiter: …

You: Well, could I have a mushroom?
Waiter: …

You: Oh, it doesn’t matter then. I’ll just have a cup of coffee, please.

3. At an office. An office boy spills coffee on you

OB: And he is your coffee. Oh no …

You: It’s all over my shirt.

OB: … I’ll get a towel and wome water.


3.1.5. Telephone Messages

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words!

Tony: …, is this 486-0934?

Adam: …

Tony: … I … to Mrs. DJ?

Adam: Yes, … calling, please?

Tony: My … is Tony Hayes.

Adam: One moment please. I’m …. she’s out. Could you call back at three-thirty

Tony: All right. … …


























3.2. Keterampilan

3.2.1. Giving information

Make an interview based on the CV above. And take turns asking about the personal identity, education, practical training, and work experience.






3.2.2. May I?

If you have a flat tyre:

First make sure you are completely off the road, away from traffic.

Second, stop your engine and turn on the emergency flashers.

Third, put on the parking brake firmly.

Fourth, get everyone out of the car, on the side way from the traffic.

Now follow these instructions:

  1. Get the tools (car jack, hubcab lever and wheel brace) and the spare tyre out of the car boot/trunk.
  2. Block the wheel opposite the flat tyre, to keep the car from rolling when it is jacked up.
  3. Remove the hubcab with the hubcap lever
  4. Loosen all the wheel nuts with the wheel brace.
  5. Place the jack under the car in the correct position.
  6. Raise the car just high enough to put on the spare tyre.
  7. Remove the wheel nuts and take off the punctured tyre. Put ob the new tyre.
  8.  Put the wheel nuts back on and tighten them by hand.
  9. Lower the car completely and take away the jack. Tighten the wheel nuts with the wheel brace.
  10. Put the hubcap back on.


















Now cover the instructions above and look at the pictures.

Practice these questions with your partner and take turn.

  1. what do you do first, if you have a flat tyre?
  2. what do you do with the emergency flashers?
  3. where do the passangers stand?
  4. what do you do to stop the car rolling?
  5. what do you do after you remove the hubcap?
  6. how high do you raise the car?
  7. when do you remove the wheel nuts?
  8. when does the hubcap go back on?



3.2.3. Good morning


1. You meet a friend of yours in the street

A: Hi, …

B: …

A: And how was your weekend?
B: …

2. You meet the school principal in a

department store

It’s two o’clock in the afternoon

A: …, sir/ma’am

B: …, …?
A: Fine, thank you.

B: Are you doing some shopping?
A: …


3.2.4. I am sorry

1. Now practice a dialog like the one above using this information.

A. You buy two CDs. The price is $9. you give the salesperson $20. She gives you $1. now continue.

B. The customers buys two CDs The price is $9. You give the customer $1 change.

The customer points out. (You thought he/she gave you $10). Now continue.


3.2.5. Telephone Messages

On the phone

  1. On the telephone. You want to speak to Dr. John Caims. His number is 9613550

You: Hello, is this …?
Voice: Yes.

You: Could …?
Voice: Yes, who’s calling, please?
You: …

Voice: One moment, please

  1. You answer the phone.

Voice: Hello, is this 2088736?
You: Yes.

Voice: Could I speak to Helen Forbes, please?
You: …?
Voice: … …

You: …








  1. Practice calling these people





























Berkomunikasi Lisan dalam Bahasa Inggris tingkat Operasional Dasar merupakan salah satu pengetahuan dan keterampilan yang harus dikuasai seorang pencari kerja, pekerja dan masayarakat umum untuk dapat berkomunikasi secara mendasar dalam dunia kerja dan percakapan sehari-hari. Sebagai pengetahuan dan keterampilan dasar tentunya tidak cukup jika tidak diimbuhi dengan pengetahuan lanjutan dari unit kompetensi ini, yaitu membaca dan menulis dalam bahasa Inggris pada tingkat Operasional Dasar, karena tiga unit kompetensi ini sangat erat kaitannya, maka belumlah lengkap jika ketiganya tidak dikuasai.

Modul ini disusun untuk digunakan dalam pelatihan berbasis kompetensi di bidang administrasi perkantoran sub bidang bahasa Inggris yang memiliki beberapa unit kompetensi, salah satunya adalah Berkomunikasi Lisan dalam Bahasa Inggris pada tingkat Operasional Dasar (ADM.PK02.019.01), berisi aspek-aspek pengetahuan, ketrampilan dan sikap kerja yang harus dimiliki oleh seorang yang dianggap kompeten dalam bidang tersebut. Tentunya dalam pelaksanaan pelatihan nanti juga harus memperhatikan unsur kedinamisan dan fleksibilitas, sehingga tidak menutup kemungkinan adanya perbaikan yang konstruktif terhadap konten yang ada pada modul ini.












- Judul



Tahun terbit

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- Judul



Tahun terbit

: American Breakthrough 1,2 & 3

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