Title: Podcast 7: A complete conversation when you meet someone you know in an informal situation
  This podcast is brought to you free of charge by Dhurakij Pundit University International College. Please visit our website at to download the podcast scripts and other downloads.


This podcast demonstrates the kinds of things people say when people meet in informal situations, like at a coffee break at work or when two students meet outside class. In this podcast, you will hear a complete conversation when two students meet in a cafeteria.
John Hi Jim
Jim Oh Hi John. How’s it going?
John OK thanks, but I am really hungry.
Jim Me too. I missed breakfast today. I woke up late.
John Why? Did you go out last night?
Jim No. I was working on my project until late, and I must have forgotten to set my alarm.
John Oh no. Did you miss your class?
Jim No. I just got here in time, but there was no time to eat.
John I am going to get a burger and some fries. What are you going to get?
Jim I think I’ll get a sandwich because I still haven’t finished my project, and I have to hand it in this afternoon.
John Oh ok.     Hey, I am going to the cinema tonight. Would you like to come with me?
Jim I have to look after my little brother. My parents are going out tonight. It’s their anniversary. I would love to go, but I can’t tonight.
John That’s a shame. Maybe we can go out at the weekend?
Jim Yes. That would be better. I will have finished all of my homework by then.
John I’ll call you on Friday and we can make a plan
Jim OK. That sounds great.
John See you on Saturday.
Jim Yeah. See you. Bye
John Bye



If you download the scripts for our podcasts, you can practice the conversations with your friends.
  This podcast is brought to you free of charge by Dhurakij Pundit University International College. Please visit our website at for more information, tape scripts, supporting materials and other downloads.


Supporting Materials


Words and phrases

‘in time’: means arriving just before the start time of something i.e. not late, but not early either.


‘hand it in’: to submit a piece of homework or a report.


‘anniversary’: a once a year celebration like a wedding day or a birthday.


‘That’s a shame : an exclamation  showing disappointment. It is similar to ‘That’s a pity’ or ‘What a shame’.


‘That sounds great’: an exclamation showing enthusiasm or interest in something. It is similar to ‘That sounds good’ or just ‘Great’.



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